Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Old school

A very old school friend from primary school has scanned and published some class photos on Facebook from back at my days at Starbeck County Primary School in Harrogate.

She tagged everyone in the photos, and what followed beneath was a trip down memory lane with a bunch of people I havent seen or spoken to for 25 years. A couple of them were my bestest friends in the whole wide world when I was 10! lol

Its been very nice to chat again to all my old school friends, and to see how they and their lives have turned out since all those years ago. But god, look at them clothes and haircuts!

So here I am aged 9 and 10. Bless! If only he knew, eh? ;)

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Alexander said...

I seeee you (certainly on the second photo. On the first one I 'think' I spot you but can't be sure). A few years back,after 20 or so years I re-visited the town where I grew up,and spent a day visiting my old haunts such as the forest I spent so much time in, and my old junior and primary school. It was quite surreal. It was all very "Stand By Me" for me. Lots had changed (the major one being the population of the town which was huge now and it meant that the forest was no longer a kind of wilderness area on the edge of town but now seeemd like part of the town, considering how many people now walked through it) and other things hadn't changed one iota. Like all these things, it was bitter sweet really. It evoked lots of memorys (mostly good,some not so much) but felt a little sad. Have you revisited the town you grew up in, at all?