Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seen in London - Catch up edition

I've been doing a lot of scouting for the past few weeks, and I've been to a few interesting places. Seen a lot of stuff...

The worlds cheeriest funeral parlour.

A really cool wall art thing-me-jig in a really cool warehouse apartment converstion with a really cool Pueruvian photo on it. A big fucking bag of cool really!

One of my favouritest buildings in the world.

We filmed in a 5 star hotel right next to St Pauls for a day. It also had a penthouse with a garden rooftop view of it, complete with glass lift to get there! Also THE BIGGEST FUCKING TV I'VE EVER SEEN! God, I don't get paid enough for that lifesyle.....yet. ;)

The remains of a very bad day for three people.

Westminster cathedral. What a beauty! lol Never seen it properly before :)

The globe. Sam Wannamakers dream. I really want to see a proper Shakespeare play done in there this year.

A man in a gibbet! lol I really got a kick out of seeing that as I've always want to see one of those (even if he wasn't real lol

And two of the most impressive (and expensive) cakes I've ever seen, as it was the director (Bryan O'Neil) and lead actor (Rollo Weeks) birthdays on the same day. One was a chocolate bonanza, shaped like a rose, and the other was a cream and Every Fucking Fruit You Can Think Of, including cumquats, lychees, passion fuits, and some strange white shit with seeds that I'm ashamed to say I couldn't name lol Needless to say, both were fucking gorgeous! :)


Alexander said...

That TV is just illegally large.

It's simply unacceptable (brings down hammer).

And as I say to people, the TVs are getting bigger and better quality while the quality of the TV programs themselves seems to be diving, generally.

Not movies, but most TV programs.

Martin said...

Anne Harries to me, Martin
12:34 PM (10 hours ago)

That ‘strange white shit with seeds in’ fruit looks like dragonfruit J

Anne Harries

Medical Receptionist

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Martin Walker to Anne
show details 11:00 PM (0 minutes ago)

You should have posted that in the comments.

I knew that a"cultured" person would be expected to know their way around exotic fruits and know what that was! Was a bit ashamed that there was a fruit common enough to be put on cakes (al-be-it a posh, expensive cake) and I didnt know what it was called.

Frankly, it was a bit Meh. If it was really good it would be more popular. So screw the Dragon fruit! Its not good enough to be know by everyone! lol ;)