Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Because. Just because....I have enough money. $180 Million dollars plus $20 million running costs per year! 'o'


Alexander said...

Now, I have to admit that is one $180 Million gadget I 'would' entertain :D. Btw, did you see that Corey Haim (Lost Boys) has died at 38? Surreal,huh?

Martin said...

Sad news about Corey number 1 indeed! Was a huge Lost Boys fan when I was a kid.

That boat is so damn sexy, but dont think I'll ever get to play on it. But I could try it as a film location! lol. Maybe charm myself a trip on it one day ;)

And go check the Awesome post as well. Ive posted a new video you will approve of! lol

Alexander said...

Ah, another Lost Boys admirer.

Gift for you., then :D

Good idea, considering the boat for a film location. A film detailing the last days of Robert Maxwell, perhaps?

Btw,commented on your latest Trololo find. :)

Martin said...

And let me return the favour!