Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry, been busy

A bit crap on the posting front, sorry!. My average posts per month ratio will be suffering for this! ;)

Filming is in full swing on my latest film, and I'm doing crazier than usual hours as I'm wearing a couple more hats than my usual Location Manager role. I'm also Transport Captain, and about half of Production Manager. As a result I haven't had a day off in nearly 4 weeks. My last day off had me take my first phonecall at 8.30am (I missed a work text at 7.20), and I didn't get back in after a full days location scouting until at So a day off is a 3 hour sleep-in from the usual 14-16 hours I do six days a week! lol

But it is a great shoot, with a really cool crew, and a great script to work off. We spent the weekend filming a swing dancing (a kind of 40'a/50's jive) scene. Had loads of people in 50'a hair and clothes dancing really coolly to a brilliant old swing tune. So all is good:)

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