Sunday, August 17, 2008

Batchelor boy

I thought I would post these couple of photos. Mainly for comedy value! :)

I've haven't been home much in the last month, and when I did I only seemed to sleep. I hadn't noticed that the freezer door had been slightly ajar. A practical experiment to demonstrate the laws of thermodynamics occurred when I wasn't looking. And this was the outcome!

Scientific proof that single men, even occasionally fabulous ones, can't look after themselves very well. I should have photographed the pile of ironing too! For a full Catholic guilt trip! lol

It took forever to de-frost!


Nick Vernon said...

great work ya spanner! lol

when you're a big movie mogul you can buy a walk in fridge with a spring loaded door...

Mitmac said...

Or have a special "freezer runnner" to look after all your chilling needs....nice one mate!

dragonfly said...

Mr Freezer! :))) LOL (Have you seen the Batman movie with Mr Freezer in it?)