Friday, August 22, 2008

Love is in the air - Texas style

I got this email from my Dad, who is an American. Hope none of my regular readers don't have a phobia about snakes lol

Hi Boys, This is how rattlesnakes mate. Ain't love grand! Photos taken somewhere in West or North Texas. Look at the mesquite trees in the background in the first photo. Could even be Archer County! (I've heard of this but never seen it.) Dad

ps I have not shown these pictures to Wendy. It would be guaranteed to cause her nightmares!


Mitmac said...

I really really don't like all. But those shots are really nice! Kind of nice to see the "human" side of snakes (how stupid does that sound) rather than the evil merciless venom-filled man hater side.

Martin said...

I know what u mean. Theres something touching about even snakes getting all close lol

dragonfly said...

Magic!!! Snakes are so weird, I am not the biggest fan of them, but on the other hand there's something about them that makes you wanna look at them when you see them.