Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Carlton Towers

I visited the most beautiful stately home today with the film crew - Carlton Towers near Goole in Humberside. A Stunning hidden gem, that is still a family home (although they do rent out bits for weddings and such.

It was like having free reign in a museum lol. And as Locations guy, I got to wander where ever I wanted around the place :) Each room was dripping with paintings, and gilded artwork. Knowing it wasn't a display open to the general public added to a sense of seeing something you don't often get the chance to see.

They had a stunning grand piano that had to be 100 plus years old. I had to have a go, of course - and even had Govinda, our A-lister clapping along to Lady Marmalade and whatever else I could remember from the top of my head. One Indian guy asked me if I only knew Western folk music after one Beatles tune! lol

Govinda is fascinating to watch. Seeing crowds form where ever he appears, you get an appriciation of what a HUGE star he in Bollywood. Filming today in a closed location made a nice change because if the lack of disruption by crowds. The good old British weather did twice as much damage though, as it pissed it down for most of the day, and they couldn't get half of the exterior shots that they wanted. They could do with a break, the Indians, they really could.

But a great day again, and very interesting once again. Its long days 7am to 11.45om today, but it doesnt really feel like work. More like a long and tiring, but fun day out somewhere. Long may it last!

And another cool bit today was when I was having a cigerette outside the house, as was Bond villain Kabir Bedi (and official Indian national treasure), along with the director and a couple of other people. Kabir told a few stories about Roger Moore, John Barrie, and Barbara Brocolli. I know I shouldn't have been impressed - but I was! lol


PS. I just wiki'd Carlton Towers and I just realised that Lord Edward who I met a couple of times today, is in fact the Duke of Norfolk!! LOL. The wikipedia entries for him and his title are a brilliant history lesson. Coo, fancy that! Genuine aristocracy lol. I thought it was a pretty cracking house full of cool stuff! Now I know :)

PPS. For those wishing to keep score, I have now appeared in it 6 times (the back of me only was in a bar scene tonight), my car has appeared in it 3 times (I haven't told you yet about how it got used as a stunt vehicle and ragged up and down a road!!), and my Bluetooth Nokia head-piece has been used once (yes, Govinda is wearing my mobile phone ear-peice) ;)


Mitmac said...

Nice work matey! Photo's look amazing - glad you're still loving the filming, have you jacked in the job then?

Martin said...

Hey Timbo

Yeah, I quit the Job Centre April 2007. I have been free-lancing in film work since April this year. Spent 6 months having fun and 6 months working with a filmmaker for free learning all that I could :)

All is shiny, new and exciting at the moment lol

Alexander said...

Speaking of James Bond villians, you look like one yourself while lounging in that opulent chair with the animal skin rug behind you. Certainly seems it was a unique opportunity if the place isn't open to the public normally.

Nick Vernon said...

Did you successfully place that bugging device as instructed?

I will contact you further in due course, but in case you are infiltrated, your bathroom soap dispenser is actually an emergency escape boat, just press three times.

Kamanchi said...

Some great photos there man. I'm officially jealous! Boo!