Sunday, August 31, 2008


I came across another bag of old photos, postcards, flyers, and ticket stubs from years ago today. Its amazing what you keep to remind you of things. I remember that these used to adorn my walls and mirror when I lived at home. Each one a memory from that distant country called the Past. Each one irreplaceable and invaluable.

Good times, good times!

1. My ticket from the legendary Oasis concert in Knebworth Park. For those who don't know, Knebworth is probably the pinicle of Stately Home concerts as the venue is the largest in the country (I think). 125,000 people in one single arena/field. Although not the worlds biggest Oasis fan (the ticket was bought as someone owed me money, actually being in a mass of 125,000 people at once is a mind blowing experience. Seeing how that many people react, and watching waves ripple out over them, especially when the leftside and rightside of the field started joke booing each other. Absolutely amazing to watch and be in the middle of. For the record Oasis were pretty crap and unprofessional! lol

2. My flyer from the Love To Be night held at the superclub Es Parasis in Ibiza.
Es Paradis is a glass pyramid, with ceing-high walkways intercrossing the club, with plam trees and fountains all round. The centre of the club is a sunken fountain that at 6am fills with water or foam as people are dancing in it and the suns coming up through the glass roof. One of the best places I ever went clubbing!

3. My ticket for the V98 festival in Leeds. Also the first festival where Robbie Williams tried his hand as a solo act, and did a bloody good job too! Also saw The Verve. A fun and messy weekend! :)

4. A Postcard from the Palm Hostel in Jerusalem.
An amazing hostel made from a converted Hareem. The first place I ever stayed when I went backpacking for the first time. Totally Bohemian, unique, and super friendly. I probably fell in love with backpacking in this place.

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Nick Vernon said...

I've got loads of these on the post it board back at my folks house! Gig tickets and postcards from odd places...