Friday, August 29, 2008

Forty Thousand Reasons why you should watch this film

Forth Thousand Reasons, the short film I was 1st Assistant Director has finally been finished and released to the world. And you know what? Its bloody good!

I cant post it on here as the producer Conor Ibrahiem doesn't want it online yet. It's going to have a festival life, and has already been entered and accepted in the regional Bite The Mango short film festival. He hopes to enter it into many others next year as well. So good luck to us all that it gets some good exposure. And who knows, maybe catapults us all to greatness and glory! (A boy can dream, lol)

But it is good! Good music, great pace, and genuine atmosphere in it as well. The director Imy has done an excellent job, as did the cameraman Chen. The acting is uniformly excellent, especially my friend Pepper. And the extra playing "Tourist with backpack and camera", was frankly outstanding! ;)

I hope to be able to show it you at some point. Until then, here is the DVD cover, a few snaps from when we filmed it back in May, and a couple of important screen shots from the film! lol


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Martin said...

Glad you liked it! :)