Saturday, May 02, 2009


We start shooting tomorrow on Reuniting The Rubins. I'm to be at Billsgate Fishmarket for 4.45am tomorrow lol. Got to park the Unit vehicles, with all the catering, costume & makeup, and stars trailers lol

Should be great, but wish me luck! And some sleep! lol


Wesoly said...

Hey! Good luck with the shooting! Give us some reports if you can! I'm a big fan of James Callis' work, so I'm very excited about this project! He's got a lot of new fans! :)

Hope you got some Z's!


Martin said...

Hey there.Thanks for that!

I'll try and update my blog as best I can. I cannot, of course, give too may details due to confidentiality stuff, but will try to make some general posts.

So far James Callis is just as cool and funny as I thought he would be, and yesterday was a joy as I watched Timothy Spall and Honor Blackman do a real emotional scene together and knock it out of the park.

Maybe getting up a 4am aint so bad! lol

Wesoly said...

Oh, no, no, confidentiality is a must! We completely understand!

Even general info about the project is a real gift, so no problems there! And thanks for confirming what we've all guessed: that James is a nice guy! :D

If you have the time, since most of us know next to nothing about making a film, could you give us an idea of a "typical" day for you? How long have you been working on films?

Yay! This is so cool! :D