Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updating the Rubins

Its been another busy week, but loads of fun. I've seen a lot of the rushes, and although I'm biased, we seem to have a very good film on our hands :)

Found myself moving a 1200cc motor bike today, and reversing at speed our Chrysler into the road on camera lol.

Just another day at the office ;)


Deniselle said...

The movie's sounding really good to me too, so far. It's aiming to be a bit original, right? Not completely mainstream?

Thank you so much for the update. James looks beautiful!

Martin said...

Hi Denise

No, the film is not totally mainstream, but is also a family friendly film. No sex and violence in our film lol

But it is very funny. James is a natural comedy actor, so I think you will be pleased :)


Anonymous said...

Rhona Mitra doesn't mind you taking her photo without her knowledge and posting it on the net? Must be a different Rhona to the one I've read about in the cinematic press...