Friday, May 08, 2009

Huff Houses

We just spent 3 days filming in a Huff House. These are beautiful houses that are shipped over from Germany and constructed in just 3 weeks.

It was a beautiful place and a pleasure to film in. The perfect place for James Callis to be a flash git rich business man in lol.

There has been some quality acting going on with James, Tim Spall, and Rhona Mitra all bouncing brilliantly off each other. Ad libs and all sorts going on :)

My bloody unit is getting bigger and bigger, with 3 trucks all over 40 feet, plus 5 others over 30 feet. I managed to get them all in an Premier Inn car park. Got a few locations in central London coming up. Not looking forward to parking this lot in Golders Green and Elephant & Castle.

But end of first week and all is good. Sleep in tomorrow!


Wesoly said...

A well-deserved rest for you!

I love hearing that the cast has good chemistry going! Ad libs are such a great sign!!!

Thanks again for the update!


Deniselle said...

Also a big fan of James Callis over here (got my own James Callis blog where I'm linking to your updates).

It's beginning to sound like a great project! I know James did a lot of ad libs on Galactica, and I'm glad this film is allowing for that also. He has a great natural talent for comedy.

Thank you so much for keeping us posted! :)

Wesoly said...

Hey, D! Nice to see you here! :D

We need to start drumming up some support and buzz for this film!