Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Highly important new trailer for new Robin Hood film

If you remember, I did a day on Ridley Scotts new Robin Hood film.


Anyway the trailer is out now, and its a right good rollicking yarn, so cant wait to see it!


Best thing is though, I am in it! lol Granted you wouldnt be able to tell its me, but I know it is! lol So helpfully below I have posted a screen cap to show my big moment*

* Hopes to God that Ridley has some better close-ups of the thone, or Im screwed!


Alexander said...

Congratulations :D

Alexander said...

Just read this interesting nugget from James Cameron which made me laugh and made me think of this post. You may end up in a Ridley Science Fiction movie....

"I think Ridley really should do science fiction. He made the two most iconic science-fiction films of the 20th century. When he came to visit me [on the set of Avatar] I said to him, 'Quit ****ing around with these wine movies in the south of France, make another science fiction film.' And he saw the technique we were using and got all fired up about it. He turned to his producer and said, 'Why am I doing this Robin Hood? I should be doing science fiction!'" ~ James Cameron (Source of Quote)

Martin said...

Thats really cool, Alexander. I have high hopes for Ridleys next one based on that.

The man is a visual genius. Have you seen the directors cut of Kingdom of HEaven? It is immense! Such a better film when it wasnt cut down for ADD US audiences.

Alexander said...

Yeah, so often the case isn't it. Cameron's The Abyss made 'so' much more sense with the Director's Cut of the film. Prior to that release,the dramatic ending was a kind of - "Erm.....I'll get my coat". As yet, I havent' seen the KOH Director's Cut. Only one or two scenes of it on YouTube. Must look.