Saturday, December 05, 2009

Rubins cast & crew screening at the Odeon, Leicester Square.

Reuniting the Rubins is getting its cast and crew screening in December. I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

And the great thing is that the producer Jonathan has swung one of his super deals and only bloody got it at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London. The most prestigious cinema in the country, and one where some of the premiers of the biggest films in the world have taken place!

Ok granted its at 11am on a Sunday, but thats not the point! lol

I invited my parents to come, to finally show that what I'm upto has not been a total failed experiment ;) But unfortunately they cant make it, being that weekend is one of only 2 times in the next 2 months they couldn't make it. Oh well, such is life. Next one then!

But one bright cloud is that I can get pissed with all my old friends from the shoot and not worry about parental disapproval lol. There's enough of that anyway! lol Can't wait for this. Should be a blast :)


Alexander said...

Good Luck :D

Wesoly said...

Awesome! Let us know how it goes.

And if you see James Callis, please tell him that his fans are drumming up support for the film!



Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you put all this stuff online, telling us where and when you're shooting, posting photos from set, copies of the screening invite etc - not complaining, it's all fascinating, but my friends in the biz never put stuff like this on the net!

Martin said...

Thanks for the comment, Anon

Its not quite that bad. Im not workingn on the next Harry Potter or James Bond. The producer is fine with me putting things up. Nothing is giving away anything anything important.

As for the screening, its all over facebook anyway. I think over 800 people are coming, so it should be a good do. The film is bloody brillaint, and should be seen by as many people as possible.

I do forget that my blog is sometimes not just read by the 10 or so friends and family that used to read it lol

PS. Dont post anon in future. The internets not such a scary place. :)

Alexander said...

It's when you get a mesage saying - "Cool post" from the Director of MI5, that you should be worried.

Deniselle said...

Have fun at the screening! And yes, say hi to James ;) (Um, unless it sounds stalkerish or something.)

This project really sounds great and I hope it'll come to Finland too. I'll be looking for you in that film! :)