Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What colour is the universe?

Beige, it seems! lol

What color is the universe? More precisely, if the entire sky were smeared out, what color would the final mix be? This whimsical question came up when trying to determine what stars are commonplace in nearby galaxies. The answer, depicted above, is a conditionally perceived shade of beige. To determine this, astronomers computationally averaged the light emitted by one of the largest sample of galaxies yet analyzed: the 200,000 galaxies of the 2dF survey. The resulting cosmic spectrum has some emission in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but a single perceived composite color. This color has become much less blue over the past 10 billion years, indicating that redder stars are becoming more prevalent. In a contest to better name the color, notable entries included skyvory, univeige, and the winner: cosmic latte.


dragonfly said...

Seems like a great colour to me! i like beige.:)

Martin said...

hehe, In the UK, beige is considered to be the most boring colour ever lol. I thought the universe would be a bit more dynamic that that! LOL

Alexander said...

Beige is one of the colours I tend to gravitate towards all the time. Firstly because it's often the colour of the desert,and I love the desert so much. Beige is also the colour of the monumental Egyptian Statues,Pyramids,the colour of Wheats and the colour of Dough. Beiges are the colour of tree cores even if its bark is covered in dark green moss,and it's the colour of fresh Sawdust and the colour of warming Root Ginger and Garbanzo Beans,destined for smooth freshly made Hummus. Beige is the colour of warm sand on a sunny tropical beach.

For me,Beige is a very nourishing grounded colour due to that nature connection. For someone with my head in the clouds so much in my earlier life,by instinct I always gravitated towards wanting to wear grounding colours like that without pondering why until later on. Instinct served me well.

For me, Beige is very peaceful and warm. Gold gets the honour of being condensed sunlight, but Beige is a runner up :D

And who could forget the famous song...?

"Lets hear it for the Beige!
Lets give the Beige,a ha--aand...
Lets hear it for the Beige Shade
You know, you go to underst--aand"

Martin said...

I like your take on beige, Alexander. And your impecable taste in music too!

But nothing from the Beige City Rollers then?