Sunday, December 06, 2009

Save Our Squirrels

I have bought a new car. Or a new one to me. Its my brothers old car and its in great nick!

Its a 1999 Peurgeot 406 estate 1.8L. But more importantly, it has electric wing mirrors! An invention of extreme importance! lol. And it is so big that I could actually lie down flat in the boot ;)

But the great thing is that as it used to be the family car of a Yorkshreman with two young boys who like the ourdoors, it means I inherit the causes that they support from the sickers on the car. So I am now supporting the National Trust, the Cubs, Leeds Rhinos rugby league,! A most worthy cause, I'm sure you'll agree! lol.


dragonfly said...

So, where are you planing your first long trip by car? :)

Martin said...

I will be giving ita thorough test drive tomorrow when I drive back down to London. :)

Either that or I will be calling road-side assistance lol

Alexander said...

Could have been worse,Martin. You could have inherited a touring bus from The Westboro Baptist Church, complete with colourful window stickers :O

Martin said...

Speaking of Westboro, you seen this Alexander?

Hours of fun to be had at the expense of those hateful nutjobs lol

Alexander said...

Quite unique,aren't they. But it got to a stage where the mother of the group began to 'thrive' on the reaction she got from people. The more fury that gets thrown at her, the more it cements her ideas and encouraged her to ride on the whirlwind. How to deal with folks like that, is tricky. On the net, the troll isn't fed. But when they're on the side of the road at a funeral,it ain't easy to pretend they aren't there.