Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comet Holmes

We have a comet going through our solar system at the moment - Comet Holmes.

With the vast array of telescopes and cameras available to us now, we have capture some amazing shots of it.



Alexander said...

Wonderful. The second image reminds of a jellyfish. You should know me by now. I'm always seeing other things in your cosmos photos, such as golf courses of the titans on golf ball moons and the like. Now it's jellyfish in space :D

Alexander said...

Btw, any word on Kasia? Usually she mentioned when she's taking a break from blogging. But she removed her blog of her profile even and it seems a deliberate attempt to call it a day :/

Martin said...

I emailed her, and she replied saying yes she had deleted her blog as she got sick of it, and was very busy. But she did promise that she would check in with us.

Not seen her for a while though :( Hope everythings ok with her.

Alexander said...

Yeah I can relate to that. Motivation and ideas sometimes just dry up completely in regard to blogging. I've had about 3 blogs since 2005. Gave up on them all eventually LOL. Over the last week or so there have been some things to write about though and they've been scribbled down, but not put up on a blog. Discovered that to use the new template system you can't 'revert' to the new one if you've had the old format in place. It means making a new blog. Need to set it up like before, but just haven't had either the time or motivation after work, to put them up. Over the weekend I guess :)