Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lighthouse in fog

This fantastic picture is of an lighthouse on a foggy night

"This spectacular sky is mostly human-made. Once a year, the Light Station at Pigeon Point near San Francisco, California, USA is lit as it was over 100 years ago. During this time, light generated by five kerosene lamps pours through 24 rotating Fresnel lenses, warning approaching ships to stay away. Early last week, light emanating from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse was particularly picturesque because of a thin fog, also blurring the distant Moon"


Alexander said...

Ah, lighthouses. Perfect. You've struck a chord with me as lighthouses have fascinated me since childhood. My dream is to retire (tommorow would be nice),convert an old lighthouse internally for living, with a collection of odditys of various kinds and live in it well away from all the nonsense going on in civilization. Waking up every morning to the sea breeze and sea views. Enjoying existing and not bound by the routine and masks we wear in everyday life. One of my favourite chiller movies is John Carpenter's 1980 "The Fog" because of the Radio Presenter job in the lighthouse - "Welcome to the witching hour at KAB out at spivey point. This is stevie wayne....from Antonio Bay" :D

Martin said...

I remember the original Fog movie very well. Very moody! lol

And lighthouses have always fascinated me too :) I think you plan sounds great!

Martin said...

Hey Alex. Your blogs gone now as well! What the dealy-o?