Friday, November 09, 2007

We interupt this broadcast!

We interupt this broadcast! Well, thats as good a start as any to what will be undoubtedly my most personal post on this blog to date.

I have come Out. Of the closet, as in finally telling my parents and brother that I am gay.

This has been a funny and intense year this year. I finally decided that as I was trying to make a new life for myself with my job, I should also finally admit and confront those other parts of me that I had nicely suppressed for years.

So I came out in my own head about May/June. I came out to my friends in September, who were absolutlely great about it! And finally today, to my family.

Dad and Richard were both brilliant and supportive of me, but Mum has disowned me. As I suspected she might. Now all I can do is hope time and her ususally endless supply of love brings her around. Que sera sera. We will see.

So I hope you will forgive some of the more maudalin and reflective posts over the past few weeks. As you can see, I have had a lot on my mind.

So onwards and upwards into the future! Who knows what the future holds, but at least I can meet it head on now, what ever it is.

Now back to posting pictures of Moons and Mexico in future! Broadcast continues!


Alexander said...

Brilliant post concept BTW (the rainbow interrupting the broadcast). Quite a day for you,then. "Thank Crunchie it's Friday" (as Ian Paisley used to say). Sorry to hear that your mother hasn't quite 'got with the program' yet. My guess is that in time she will come around. Perhaps it is just her shock speaking at this time? What was it about her that convinced you prior, that she would react in the way that she has?

Martin said...

Thanks Alexander!

Im afraid 34 years of being a Walker gave me a good idea of how this would go. I knew Dad would be OK, but I thought Richard may not be so good. He proved himself admirably today, so any assumed prejuduce was with me!

But Mum may be cutting her nose of to spite her face, as they say. Both Dad and Richard are not happy with her!

These are strange days in the Walker household. You can see why I have had my family on my mind recently1

Alexander said...

Mmmm, I reckon this calls for a song. Remember this? Is your mother one who deeply cares about how others view the family? Or maybe part of her feels that as a mother, she is 'supposed' to react this way at least initially? I reckon all sorts of things go on behind the scenes in the subconscious. I bet you'd pay a fortune to know what is going on in her mind right now.