Tuesday, November 20, 2007


When travelling some of the most memorable places are places that you weren't expecting to be so good; or didnt even know they existed until you get there.

Some of the great sights can even be a little underwhelming sometimes!! Perhaps because you already know them so well, it can be a little "Oh, ok then" and move on.

I knew nothing about Palenque until I read about it in Lonely Planet, and we decided to stop there on our trip across Mexico. Palenque is a ruined Mayan city, deep in the lush Mexican rainforest. There were not many people there, and it was scorching hot. It didnt take much imagination to imagine you were playing Tomb Raider or something.

Palenque is one of the most beautiful and exotic places I have ever visited! :)


Alexander said...

Lucky guy. Palenque is way up there in terms of being a great source of artifacts for analysts to understand the Mayan view of the universe. I've been to Copan in Honduras and Tikal in Guatemala (two of the other major Mayan cities). But Palenque is the jewel in the crown and I'd like to get there some time for a creep around :)

Martin said...

Yay. Been to a place where Alexander wants to go!!

It was great :)