Sunday, November 18, 2007

Long exposure

This fantastic photo is a 30 second exposure on the night sky in Arizona. The photgrapher was able to capture, far more brighter than usual - Venus, the Moon, and the International Space Station flying through the sky.

The exposure is how much light is allowed in to the camera. The weaker the light source then the longer the exposure. When they took the famous Hubble telescope Deep Field shots, they pointed Hubble at an empty patch of sky, and just left the lens open for a whole day. This is what they were able to see after that much exposure.


Alexander said...

That second photo is just insane, isn't it. Imagine what they exclaimed when the image first appeared? LOL. At the moment I am working early mornings and get to see the starry night while on the way to my car. It's surreal.

Martin said...

They picked the most empty bit of sky they could find, and just left the lebs open. It helped prove just how big, and how many galaxys there are out there.

And, yes. They were very suprised :)