Friday, July 25, 2008

And we're off!

At 3.30 today we found out that we were filming at 5pm. And could we please find a cafe we could film in ;)

But its such fun! Its 1am now, and im up again at 6. I didnt get home till 10.30 tonight, after finding a poker table and chips, and stuffing them into my car for the big poker scene tomorrow (fancy that, I managed to find a poker table and chips at short notice! lol).

The Indians are a fantastic bunch, and thoroughly nice to a man. It is most certainly a different way of doing things to how I've seen it done before, but its also a clever, resourceful, and practical way of doing it. I like Bollywood!

*Sue Bellarby, the Location Manager, is brilliant and an absolute scream. We seem to have clicked rather well, so working in the mad house with her will be a pleasure I'm sure :) Sue puts on rock concerts and races fast cars across continents in her spare time lol. More on her later ;)

Its certainly long hours and hard work; but its all thinking on my feet, and sweet-talking people. I'm in my element! lol

There are some pretty cool stunts and locations coming up (if me and Sue manage to pull it all off!), so I hope to post when I can. I now have an overnight bag in my car, so that gives you an idea of how crazy it may get. We have night shoot also! lol

*And yes, thats a fucking horrible photo of me! But its the only one I've got of me and Sue, so it'll do for now! lol

Will post when I can.

Current mood: Tired, but happy

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dragonfly said...

Watching movies is one of my favourite things to do in my free time, but I guess making them is even more fun. So I am jealous!!!! Lucky you, you are a witness of the beautiful process of telling a story!!!!