Monday, July 07, 2008

Family Tree

I came across this on t'web today, and found it strangely moving lol

A family from Argentina have been photographing themselves on the same day every year to show the passage of time. Pretty darn cool :)


dragonfly said...

I've been thinking about it for some time too. But to actually SEE how the time passes would be too painful!!Why can't it slow down??

Alexander said...

"Impermanence is the very nature of things" ~ Gautama Buddha.

At times I really wish that mortality would stare me in the face very very clearly so that it is never forgotten every moment, because only when that happens do we really live fully and clearly it seems. Otherwise we're usually living in a kind of stupor and the really important things of life get buried under all the petty arising that we have convinced ourselves are sooooo important. Whenever I'm upset about something, I usually take the situation to a 'death bed' scene, and honestly ask myself - "When you're lying there, just think how that day was wasted focusing so intently on something that was merely a cloud passing in the sky". Usually that brings things into perspective. LOL