Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have been hearing about Watchmen for years. As you know. I like my movies - and follow the movie news from America. We dont really get comic books/graphic novels over here. but I'm sure you know how loopy the Yanks get over them.

But Watchmen is, hands down, the most reverred of ALL the comic books. I've been hearing them talk about it in hushed voices ever since I started following movies on the internet. It is described as the the Citizen Kane of comic books - telling the story of a world where Superheroes have been outlawed. One old superhero is murdered and his old comrades join together to find out who did it. It is written by the brilliant BRITISH author Alan Moore (Constantine, 300)who also enjoys god-like status in the comic world

Well they've finally made it into a movie. The brilliant Zack Snyder, who made 300 and the Dawn of the Dead remake is making it. The anticipation that this movie is illicting from the fans is nothing short of frenzy.

The trailer is finally out - and it looks AMAZING. When Empire magazine call Watchmen, The Greatest Comic Ever Written (TM) you know you have to pay some attention to it. So here you go - Watchmen. Potentially, the greatest movie of a comic book ever made. If this is half as good as the fans hope it will be, we will all be in for something really speacial. We shall see!

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