Thursday, July 03, 2008

Titanic and Rocky (in a nutshell)

Following on from the brilliant Resident Evil condensed youtube clip, here is another one.

This time Titanic and Rocky - parts I, II, II, IV, and V - all in 5 seconds! lol Class!


dragonfly said...

I loved the new 5- seconds- "Titanic".
And about Rocky - I saw part VI like a week ago. A sentimental thing because me and my brother adored Rocky when we were kids back in the 80s. :) I think I might produce a post about Rocky someday. Anyway, thanks a lot for those two short films. :)))

Alexander said...

To me, the 5 second Silence of the Lambs was the best of all the 5 seconds movies. But it appears that many of these 5 second movies have been removed from YouTube recently. There are lots of new ones by other people, but they are not as good.