Sunday, July 27, 2008

So that's what a night shoot feels like

A 21 and a half hour day! Bloody hell, I thought they only happened to other people!

What a dead interesting day. I learnt the art of traffic management today - and am the proud owner of a high-visability vest as well. So armed with my walkie-talkie, I managed the traffic rather well.

I also appeared in it again!! This time as a construction worker, who dives for cover when the crazy car crashed into our cones lol. We had one of the top stunt co-ordinators in the county setting it all up. What a fantastic bloke :)

I also became a wedding cake wrangler! I got a phonecall at 7am saying they needed a wedding cake. I found a someone who sells them. The cheapest started at £330! So I ended up constructing one from posh cakes from Marks & Spencers. But even that cost £75. And look what they did with it!! lol ;)

Sleep in tomorrow, thank god.


Nick Vernon said...

what a good waste of

Alexander said...

Don't become seduced by the power attached to hi-viz jackets, Martin. Don't do it. Don't do it!!! :D

Martin said...

I became drunk with power!

I was like a pharaoh, only letting those passed who I deemed worthy!


Alexander said...

"So it Shall be Written, and So it Shall Be Done" :D