Sunday, July 20, 2008

WALL*E review

Actually, its almost not funny how good this movie is! After all the hype, the spoilers I wished I hadn't seen, and universal frothing at the mouth from film critics - I was really worried that it wouldn't live up to all the hype (think Harry Potter and Star Wars)

but WALL*E just blew me away! Chaplinesque and near dialogue free (for at least half of it), how did Pixar have the balls to attempt that? The rubbish strewn Earth looks stunning! Not pretty - its a giant ball of garbage - but the detail and the backgrounds are just immaculate. God, this film looks good!

And its that other Hollywood staple that I am not too fond of, The Love Story. And with 2 robots, one of which looks like the Short Circuit robot. But its believable and touching. How did that happen? Its a classic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to get girl back. But, boy! What a clever way of doing it! Throw in some a sub-plot involving malfunctioning robots, some clever social observation, and some impeccable visual gags - and you've got WALL*E.

After the courtship of WALL*E meeting EVE on Earth, and EVE is taken away from WALL*E, the action moves to The Axiom - mankinds last refuge. A luxury liner where, after 700 years, the human race has become so fat and so dependant on robots that they cannot even get out of their hover-chairs. When one fatty falls out, he rolls on the floor like a baby, until a helper robot put him back in his chair. So sharp and pointed observations about obesity and mans reliance on conveniences? From a rated U movie? Nice

The final part of the movie is just a pure joy. I won't even hint how it plays out. Other than to say I had tears in my eyes! Bloody hell, Pixar. Its just a bloody robot!

And watch out for M-O. The funniest and cutiest robot there ever was!!

12/10!! God, I love Pixar!


Nick Vernon said...

Did you really just say 'cutiest'...? I'm in shock, no in fact i'm the shockiest of them all.


Martin said...

lol, you git!!

An honest typo! lol. Or is that typio?

dragonfly said...

You've convinced me! :)