Friday, July 25, 2008

Then they asked me to appear in their feature film, which was nice!

I'm continuing my trend of managing to appear in every film I've worked on lol.

And this time I even have a costume! :) We had a scene at a high stakes poker game, where our hero shows off to the stunning blonde sat opposite him (and she was bloody stunning too! lol) And of course they needed a dealer. I was responsible for this location (filmed at an Gentlemans club (no, not a naughty one, but a club for rich men!)), and I also provided the poker table and chips for them. As a poker player myself it was important that the game was played properly on film - so I stepped in a dealt, correctly! lol

It was great fun to shoot. I go to light the ladies cigarette, and our hero knocks the lighter out of my hand, catches it, and lights the ladies cig lol. It took a few takes, but we got it lol

But I couldn't stop working. I was also on the phone making calls in between takes. The building where the failed suicide jump has still yet to be locked down ;) It'll be a full on falling scene. I met the stunt co-ordinator who's going to build a custom rig on top of the building we use. Then the stunt man can fall safely on a wire. I can't wait to see that happen! I'd better get a bloody building sorted then, hadn;t I? :D

6.15 start tomorrow,as thats when we're filming the car chase!


dragonfly said...

So, when are you going to receive an Academy Award?:)

Nick Vernon said...

More importantly, when are you going to employ method acting and actually learn how to play poker? lol

Lots of love
Q1 Winner Tacky Tankard...!

Martin said...

Is it true you fled to Oz after failing to win any other Quarters?

Winner Q6!