Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today I.............

Today I have been tasked with finding 50 cockroaches and their cost, find some juggleers, fire eaters, dancers, musicans, and Bhangra troopl lol (I actually do know a Bhangra troop too!). I've spoken to a very funny man who can ride a bike whilst wearing stilts. However, finding a cockroach wrangler is proving a little trickier!!

Then to politely find out if the email from the stunt woman was for the female driver, or the fat woman who falls in a pond LOL!!!!

Then I became a baggage porter as I dropped a mini-bus worth of suitcases that the Indian crews hotel lol. Then had to drop the mini-bus back at ITV Leeds, where I passed Ferdy from This Life having a crafty smoke round the back of the place in a purple suit.

Ah, showbiz!!!

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dragonfly said...

Well, judging by your posts showbiz is a nice kind of..biz. :) Interesting people you meet. (Aaa, the word order sounds like Yoda, doesn't it?)